Restarting RTorrent

The main reason ruTorrent will stop is because it gets a torrent lock and this is caused by login errors ie: wrong password 3 times or corrupted .torrents mainly due to public trackers.

Refreshing ruTorrent will delete the torrent lock and re enable ruTorrent in most cases, here is a simple guide on how to do just that.

open up your dashboard this is your dashboard for you torrent activity and not your control panel for meggafast it will be the login we sent you in your login details email which is also retreivable from your meggafast control panel something like

Open up your dashboard and firstly clear the cache:

clearcache  clearcache2 clearcache3

Now scroll down to your SERVICE CONTROL CENTER


Click on enabled to disable RTorrent and then re enable it then select refresh you might have to refrsh a couple of times for it to remove the torrent lock 99% of the time doing this procedure will remove the torrent lock and restart ruTorrent for you always try it a couple of times if it fails to start.


If all else fails contact support to manually remove the torrent lock but this should get you back up and running.

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